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>If the singular is Carambola….

> …would the plural then be “Carambolage”? (I think I need a Crash Course in French.) I’ll get me hat…..

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>People just don’t think…#3

> Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (the name‘s almost enough to disqualify him..), the socialist party candidate for the premiership of the state of Hesse has an idea: The financial crisis can be assuaged by forcing anyone with chunks of money to lend … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me… (about Church Tax)

> Or brain farts, for that matter. Some dope of a politician – miffed at not getting a seat in church on high days and holidays – reckons that only people who pay church tax should be allowed into church … Continue reading

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>Pause, assess, act

> Sir Peter de la Billiere (who looks hauntingly like my Dad – I’ve unfortunately got the Ramsden genes, both in physical appearance and character) was Commanding Officer of Britain’s Special Air Service. In “Looking for trouble“, an autobiography that … Continue reading

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>Value judgements

> Now, I’m not sure if I’d agree with that. I’ve had an Accord, a Quintett, a Civic and currently – among others (“others” being 2 Saabs and a tractor) – a CRV down on the farm and none of … Continue reading

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>I have this mate…

> who’s a really good guy, but he’s a bit…weird. He showed me his home-made burglar alarm the other day. It’s a motion detector in the hallway that triggers a webcam that’s on his WLAN which takes a picture of … Continue reading

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>So much for that, then….

> I thought it’d be a pretty cool idea to digitise my old C90 mixtapes for people to listen to online – explain the rationale for the selections and sequences, drone on a bit about why to this day I … Continue reading

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>"Oh, man – a MUStang…!"

>…said the guy in the parking lot at Stonewall Kitchens in York, ME.“You can have it” I said. “All yours. Interested in swapping?” This was THE cult car when I was growing up in New Zealand in the 1960s. Probably … Continue reading

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We’ll write

  My young friend Lena from across the way is studying law in Konstanz, one of Germany’s elite universities. Nominally. She’s currently doing a couple of semesters in Istanbul, which sounds a bit unusual to me, giving that Turkish isn’t … Continue reading

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>Free people

> Seems like they just took the people and left their clothes hanging on them here racks……

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