>People just don’t think…#3


Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (the name‘s almost enough to disqualify him..), the socialist party candidate for the premiership of the state of Hesse has an idea:

The financial crisis can be assuaged by forcing anyone with chunks of money to lend 5% of it to the state for 15 years at a nominal rate of interest, “chunks of money” being defined as a personal net financial value in excess of €750,000.

Much baying support from the eat-the-rich crowd.

Not much interest from anyone else.

Not even his own party HQ in Berlin.

Possibly because – apart from being a rather silly idea – TSG hadn’t thought it through.

How on earth are you going to determine someone’s personal net financial value without a MASSIVE bureaucratic overhead.


Assessing the market value of every property in Germany (no such thing as a realistic rating or property tax value over here), collating the levels of deposits and debt of every suspected rich bugger and adding it all up, this against the deafening background noise of wads of money being shuffled around between trust accounts and family members.

And we want to let these people run the country..?

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