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>I have to stop doing this…

> Discovered a cool little bakery in Frankfurt the other day. It’s in one of those streets that’s a compressed village – restaurants, butcher, baker, art galleries, clothes shops, VINYL RECORD STORE (YES!), florist, green grocer. And didn’t the bread … Continue reading

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>The Doddery Chronicles #1

> I met Simon Lindsay two years ago today. He was a road worker on State Highway 3 in New Zealand who wrote one of the best blogs – RestArea300 – I’ve read. In the blogosphere, he was Doddery Old … Continue reading

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>Short and sweet

>Mapua Volunteer Fire Brigade August-September call-outs Sept 14: SH60 Tasman – Car v pole

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>Don’t ask me….(about Murakami)

>   The Museum for Modern Art (MMK in German) in Frankfurt is always good for a surprise. Letting pensioners in for half price, for one. (Now, THAT doesn’t happen very often either.) Or removing every single permanent exhibit and … Continue reading

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>This I need – an ADD t-shirt

> I keep meaning to buy one of these, but I somehow never get around to it……

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>Don’t ask me…(about the finance crisis)

> I once worked for a guy called Gert-Dieter Wolle. Frank Schümann and I christened him “The Twins”. He’d say things like “I think we should do this” or “We should do that” and it didn’t take a BFO to … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me… (about George W)

> I know it’s not right to kick a bugger when he’s down, but isn’t George W a prick? Seriously. I used to REALLY ENJOY going to the States and handcarrying a couple of 6 packs of microbrewery beer back … Continue reading

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>Shit, this is… a good picture.

> First photographed this image in 1980 (Nikon FE, Kodachrome 64) The Huntly power station provides the chimneys in the distance behind the art deco house on the main drag. 2006, Nikon S3, 8 megapixels

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>Only in Nelson

> Spoke with our neighbour in Mapua the other day and mentioned that the topographic surveyors would be wandering around taking measurements and generally doing what surveyors do. “So I shouldn’t shoot them, then?” she asked……

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>Dalrymplisms – Grading on a Curse

> The head examiner of a British school-examination board, Peter Buckroyd, whose examinations are taken by 780,000 children, recently explained to teachers why a pupil who answered the question, “Describe the room you’re in,” with “Fuck off”—an actual case, apparently—should … Continue reading

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