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>Snow chains go on WHICH wheels…?


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>Snow removal, UK style

> Although someone did comment, saying: Sorry, i find this picture graphically incorrect: With two ‘snow removal executives’ at work, there should be at least 4 health and safety inspectors to make sure that any broom is the used to … Continue reading

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>Easy. Reloaded.

> Now, what was that about “easy” again….?

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>Darwin Award Runner-Up 2009


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>Failing to plan is planning to fail

> Mrs jb dug up a recipe from an English magazine for classy Christmas cookies. English. Now that should have been a warning. Not that the Poms can’t cook (some – quite a few, actually – can), but there’s a … Continue reading

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>"But I’ve got cookery class….

> ..and we’re making pancakes…!”

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>Dalrymplisms – Grading on a Curse

> The head examiner of a British school-examination board, Peter Buckroyd, whose examinations are taken by 780,000 children, recently explained to teachers why a pupil who answered the question, “Describe the room you’re in,” with “Fuck off”—an actual case, apparently—should … Continue reading

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>It must be me – the nth experience

> John Lewis’s coffee shop in Cheadle Royal is a true delight and an endless source of enjoyment. Popped in from the airport the other day for what goes for a latte in those parts of the world, pay with … Continue reading

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>There ain’t half been some clever bastards…

>When I’m in the UK, I seem to have this mantra. “Stupid bloody Poms. Stupid bloody Poms. Stupid bloody Poms“ You’re constantly encountering dumb rules, imbecilic shop assistants, officious civil servants, illegible signs and basic, grinding thickness. But sometimes, you … Continue reading

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