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>Snow chains go on WHICH wheels…?


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>Snow removal, UK style

> Although someone did comment, saying: Sorry, i find this picture graphically incorrect: With two ‘snow removal executives’ at work, there should be at least 4 health and safety inspectors to make sure that any broom is the used to … Continue reading

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>Easy. Reloaded.

> Now, what was that about “easy” again….?

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>Darwin Award Runner-Up 2009


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>Failing to plan is planning to fail

> Mrs jb dug up a recipe from an English magazine for classy Christmas cookies. English. Now that should have been a warning. Not that the Poms can’t cook (some – quite a few, actually – can), but there’s a … Continue reading

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>"But I’ve got cookery class….

> ..and we’re making pancakes…!”

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>Dalrymplisms – Grading on a Curse

> The head examiner of a British school-examination board, Peter Buckroyd, whose examinations are taken by 780,000 children, recently explained to teachers why a pupil who answered the question, “Describe the room you’re in,” with “Fuck off”—an actual case, apparently—should … Continue reading

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