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>Bay City Rollers invade a nursing home


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>Rage Against The Mediocre

> Thank goodness for small mercies. There’s a tradition in the UK that the #1 Christmas song (in recent years, at least) has to be vacuous, innocuous, innoffensive and musically worthless. Most recently, it’s been provided by the winner of … Continue reading

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>This, that and the other #2

> It starts back here with Rock and Roll Doctor, a tribute album to the inimitable late, great Lowell George This – a track from the tribute album, interpreted by one of the creme de la cremeThat – the Little … Continue reading

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>Now, here’s a treat….

> Bayern 2 Radio is one of the best stations I’ve heard. I’ll try and define the magic: Today started off with traditional Bavarian music, mixed with local and regional news, then there’s 90 minutes of current affairs, background information, … Continue reading

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>There ain’t half been some clever bastards…

>When I’m in the UK, I seem to have this mantra. “Stupid bloody Poms. Stupid bloody Poms. Stupid bloody Poms“ You’re constantly encountering dumb rules, imbecilic shop assistants, officious civil servants, illegible signs and basic, grinding thickness. But sometimes, you … Continue reading

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>Mixed with yellow Chinkees….

>London. 1969. Ah, what blissfully innocent times they were…. You could write lyrics like Curly Latin kinkies Mixed with yellow Chinkees and no-one would bat an eyelid. (Well, they wouldn’t, would they? This is the culture that gave us “The … Continue reading

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>Don’t ask me (about Pete Townsend….) #27

>I didn’t know that Pete Townsend lived in Chiswick…. Stumbled over this just up the road from my fellow aurally-impaired friend. Won’t bore you again with my vague recollections of the Small Fucking Who and the Fucking Faces, but I … Continue reading

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