>Don’t ask me (about Ivor Cutler) #23

>This is a real find.

And I can’t imagine that Ivor Cutler could have existed anywhere but Britain.

I stumbled over a torrent for “Turn that racket down”, a film tribute to the wonderful John Peel that featured Ivor Cutler (in his 80s at the time) perched on the rooftop of Broadcasting House in London, playing a harmonium and singing “Pass the ball, Jim”

If you dig deeper and you’ll find stuff like this:

Ivor Cutler (15 January 1923 – 3 March 2006) was a Scottish poet, songwriter and humorist. He became known for his regular performances on BBC radio, and in particular his numerous sessions recorded for John Peel’s influential radio programme, and later for Andy Kershaw’s programme. He appeared in the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour film in 1967 and on Neil Innes’ television programmes. Cutler also wrote books for children and adults and was a teacher at A. S. Neill’s Summerhill School and for 30 years in inner-city schools in London.

Deeper still

“Shoplifters, shoplifters
Is your shop is low on the ground?
Then let us lift it for you
there’s plenty of room in the blue
for your shop and for you”

And from Velvet Donkey

The Meadows Go.mp3
Phonic Poem.mp3
There’s got to be something.mp3
I, Slowly.mp3

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