>Now, here’s a treat….


Bayern 2 Radio is one of the best stations I’ve heard.

I’ll try and define the magic:

Today started off with traditional Bavarian music, mixed with local and regional news, then there’s 90 minutes of current affairs, background information, consumer topics and music, 30 minutes of cultural events, an hour featuring Tom Waits and Jack Kerouac, 2 hours of everything under the sun, live from a school (that’s on now…), a call-in program about grandparents’ role in child development, an hour of recommendations for books, music, theatre and TV, then news, interviews, kiddy program followed by….

Zündfunk, a program that never ceases to amaze me.

Here’s yesterday’s playlist:

Grizzly Bear
Dead Prez
The Strokes
Hearts No Static
John Watson
Olöf Arnalds
Jon Hopkins
William Fitzsimmons
Cluster & Eno
Mumford & Sons

And then they have absolute gems, like an interview with Tony Allen, one of the primary co-founders of Afrobeat.

Normal sort of interview, except that the interviewer, Tobi Ruhland, brought along his dulcimer.

Which I thought was a valiha. Or a zither.

So here’s Tobi with Tony Allen  – “perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived”, as Brian Eno puts it – laying down the beat.

The full interview’s here as a podcast.

And “O Isa” – Rossy and Rakoto Frah – A World out of Time Volume 2 – gives you an idea of what a valiha sounds like.

Not a big difference, really…

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