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>Not around here….

> According to supermarkets in Britain, sales of premium lavatory paper increase substantially in December as families try to impress their in-laws, parents and other guests they will welcome into their home at Christmas. Sales of filter coffee and Earl … Continue reading

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>Rage Against The Mediocre

> Thank goodness for small mercies. There’s a tradition in the UK that the #1 Christmas song (in recent years, at least) has to be vacuous, innocuous, innoffensive and musically worthless. Most recently, it’s been provided by the winner of … Continue reading

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>12 days of Christmas – #10

> Miss Agnes McHolstein69 Cash AvenueBeaver ValleyColorado 23 December 1975 Your rotten prickNow there’s 10 ladies dancing.  I don’t know why I call those sluts ladies.  They’ve been balling those pipers all night long.  Now the cows can’t sleep and … Continue reading

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>Failing to plan is planning to fail

> Mrs jb dug up a recipe from an English magazine for classy Christmas cookies. English. Now that should have been a warning. Not that the Poms can’t cook (some – quite a few, actually – can), but there’s a … Continue reading

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