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>In vino veritas

> ….in cervisio felicitas” Wine’s fine but beer drinkers have more fun

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>I have 2 passports

> All very convenient, actually. EU queue at immigration shorter than for sundry foreigners? Use the UK one. Work in the EU? Use the UK one. Visiting Turkey? Use the New Zealand one. Want the warm fuzzy feeling when the … Continue reading

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>This will go viral


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>Dear Apple


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>Who would have th(ink)ed

>   For the parsimonious (or pensioned – same thing) among us, here’s a useful tool (and brilliant graphic) to work out which font will give you the most grunt from your outrageously priced ink cartridges Source: Matthew Robinson Via: … Continue reading

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>"I want one with a lid"

> Not that I have ANY idea what Apple’s going to come up with next week (neither does anyone else, for that matter..), but I thought it might be a potential replacement for ageing Mrs jb’s ageing iBook, given that … Continue reading

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>Superbly good film making

>, Intelligentsia from Department of the 4th Dimension on Vimeo. This has everything – skilled cinematography, content, beautiful visuals and a natural actor via: BoingBoingSource: DPT4D

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>…and good night

> Source: Shirley and Ed James, of Russellvia: Sideswipe

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>This is frightening

> This is the Supervisory Board of Germany’s largest public health insurance organisation, the BEK. The one that I’m covered by, in fact. Look at all these old farts mature gents. They all look like me. And I CERTAINLY wouldn’t … Continue reading

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>Note to myself

> Time for a blood donation

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