>"I want one with a lid"


Not that I have ANY idea what Apple’s going to come up with next week (neither does anyone else, for that matter..), but I thought it might be a potential replacement for ageing Mrs jb’s ageing iBook, given that its prime use is for scouring the interweb for clothes and receiving confirmations of purchase via email.

That’s it.

It would, of course, be exceptionally cool if the frame would fold back as a support, if you could use a Bluetooth keyboard and if it had a real OS instead of the silly iPhone one, but we’ll see.

(It would be exceptionally coolerer if I could set a filter for wimmin’s apparel, but anyway..)

So I suggested that it might be Just The Thing.

Conversation went thus:

‘What’s it like then?” she asks.

“How on EARTH do I know – it’s only being announced next week. You’ll probably type on the screen – like the iPhone – and..”

“Type on the screen? Wouldn’t like that. Does it have a lid?”

“What do you mean – “Does it have a lid?”. No-one knows what it looks like, but, no, it probably won’t have a lid”

“In that case, I don’t want one. I want one with a lid”

So – if Steve Jobs is reading – this is the reason why Apple will only sell 9,999,999 units in the first 12 months.

Because it hasn’t got a lid….

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2 Responses to >"I want one with a lid"

  1. annonamoose says:

    >Mrs jb is a woman of profound insight and wisdom, and there are damn few of us left.I have my ipod in a speck case and the screen behind what could just as well be "panzerglas". I can't imagine having so much scratchableness exposed at all times, but that could just be me.

  2. Natalie says:

    >I would definitely buy one if it were a little more user friendly. Why do I want to buy this glorified Kindle that doesn't have a camera and no adobe or flash capabilities. It will need some work, then I might consider it. I wrote about it today too 🙂

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