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>The Word of 2009 – Katabatic

> Talking with one of my professor mates the other day about Mainz 05’s new stadium, now being built slap bang in the middle of an area that has had strict planning laws to prevent disruption to the fresh flow … Continue reading

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>Oh my goodness

> Utterly stunning HT BoingBoing

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>True story

> I used to work with an true idiot. I have absolutely no idea a) who hired him and b) why they didn’t sack him, but we were stuck with him. One tolerates idiots for a while, but continued cretinous … Continue reading

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> Our Dave’s boy and my godson, Matthew, always wanted to go into the Civil Service. He’s got an MA in History. All of a sudden, he’s a school teacher. I’m pretty sure he’s been recruited by MI5. Having recently … Continue reading

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>Well, yes……

> The papers in New Zealand report that British and Australian migrants are outstripping Kiwis on their own soil with higher incomes and more in professional jobs. When questioned about increased levels of emigration from New Zealand to Australia back … Continue reading

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>Brain farts

> Vural Öger used to be a member of the European Parliament (which perhaps tells you something about his intelligence) He proposes banning carry-on luggage on aircraft. Which tells you even more about his intelligence. He also operates a travel … Continue reading

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>Thieving sods

> In French supermarkets, they’ll put the really good stuff (as in “Bordeaux for €70 a bottle” good stuff…) behind glass. Around here, an €8.99 bottle of vodka qualifies as “good stuff” and eminently trouserable. For some people, anyway…

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>10 words you need to stop misspelling

> The inhabitants of Interweb need this link more than they know.

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>Typographic riddles

> The first one’s dead easy, although I wouldn’t be beating ABOUT the Bush. I’d be beating heavily ON the bastard…. Second one’s a bit tricky, but I’m sure various Professors in the audience will have it in a flash. … Continue reading

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>This I need…

> The best thing since….sliced bread..?

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