>Failing to plan is planning to fail


Mrs jb dug up a recipe from an English magazine for classy Christmas cookies.


Now that should have been a warning.

Not that the Poms can’t cook (some – quite a few, actually – can), but there’s a general dim-wittedness prevalent in great swathes of country.

The recipe involves beating a large quantity of icing sugar, 2 drops of peppermint essence and minuscule quantities of cream (30ml?) and albumen (HALF an egg-white?) into a thick paste, rolling it into an elongated shape, letting it dry and then cutting it into disks which you dip into melted chocolate.

Recipe says:

20 minutes plus an unspecified “drying time”.

Days later…..

At this rate, we might be lucky to have them ready for Easter.

Stupid bloody Poms

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