>There ain’t half been some clever bastards…

>When I’m in the UK, I seem to have this mantra.

“Stupid bloody Poms. Stupid bloody Poms. Stupid bloody Poms

You’re constantly encountering dumb rules, imbecilic shop assistants, officious civil servants, illegible signs and basic, grinding thickness.

But sometimes, you think “There ain’t half been some clever bastards”

(Ian Dury thought so, too.)

Take the Oyster system for public transport in London.

Buy the card, load it up and wave it over the sensor when you enter and leave an Underground station or bus.

Deducts the fare from the card, works out the cheapest fare or combination during any travel day and caps it at that charge.

Contactless. Simple. Brilliant.

Go shopping at M & S and use the self-service checkout.

Quick as a flash, good ergonomic layout, pay with credit card within seconds.

I’d say – conservatively – that it’s twice as fast as the ones I use in Germany

Ain’t half been some clever bastards…..

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1 Response to >There ain’t half been some clever bastards…

  1. >Hong Kong has a similar card to Oyster, called Octopus. It started out being for use on public transport, but now you can also use it to make payments in many stores including both our 2 main supermarket chains, and for parking meters and some car parks. You can top it up with cash at any railway station or 7-11 store, or link it to your credit card so it tops up automatically when the value is used up. Clever indeed.

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