>Multiple choice


More than one answer may be correct

I will vote for John Key/Phil Goff

1 When he tells the nation that Fred Dagg’s “We don’t know how lucky we are” was and remains a parody and is not a substitute for the national anthem

2. When he shows me a chart that fully explains how superannuation funding over the next 20 years can be achieved without raising retirement age or increasing taxes

3. When he tells the nation that the America’s Cup is a commercial enterprise and that the $36m earmarked for it are going into R&D credits for SMEs

4. When he tells the nation and the NZRU that saying that a  $10m loss is “satisfactory” is sending the wrong message

5.   When he offers me and 4 mates a ride to the Auckland Zoo in an Iroquois Scrub that one

5. When he clearly lists the major challenges facing the nation, prioritises them, defines a plan to address them and tells the country what the impact on life in New Zealand is going to be

6. When he says that trying to close the wage gap with Australia is like trying to graft a tomato onto the back of a hairbrush – there’s no point and it doesn’t work anyway

 7. When he says “Actually, we were in power for 9 years out of the last 12, so we have to take some of the blame”

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