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>Then, of course, there’s Frühlingshit

> Or Brathering HT Boing Boing

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>3 days in March


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>Wonder how you manage to make ends meet

> Someone over at digg came up with the outstandingly good idea of giving visibility to political sponsorship by PSing leading politos into NASCAR driving suits and plastering them with advertising from their sponsors.. And doesn’t Michelle Bachmann look cute … Continue reading

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>Who needs a car?

>  Hechtsheim to here takes 16:25 – only 5 minutes more than the same trip in the car Even WALKING only takes 37 minutes, for goodness sake

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>Every picture tells a story

> The 1400 block Montana Avenue in Santa Monica is a favourite place – villagey, definitely upmarket, but inviting. It’s got Blue Plate, a favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner place, it’s got Whole Foods and it’s got loads of funky shiops. Like “Every … Continue reading

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>Can someone please answer me 2 questions…..

> Question #1:What does this new alliance actually want to achieve by bombing the crap out of Libya? Question #2: What does the new alliance intend doing in the longterm once they’ve stopped bombing the crap out of Libya? I … Continue reading

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>Idiots all

> Angele Merkel’s centre-right CDU party is about to get comprehensively stuffed in two major state elections his weekend. Totally deserved. Rhineland-Palatinate (my patch) is pretty much a shoo-in for Kurt Beck, the rustic incumbent with street paddock-creds, despite an … Continue reading

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>I don’t believe it!

>The guy who designed THIS (Jon Ives of Apple) drives THIS. Is he a pimp on the side, or what? Just look at those evil alloys. I would have him down as a Saab driver. Man of good taste. Suave. … Continue reading

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> HT Boing Boing

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>For the benefit of recently arrived Martians

> Seen: guess where….

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