>Arse. Elbow.


So if I’ve got this right, the Linke party, a cesspit of disenchanted Marxists, East German ex-communists and sundry other malcontents, wants 

Wealth for all
Poster on the left

after which they’re going to 

Tax wealth
Poster on the left

“Left hand/right hand” did spring to mind, as did “arse/elbow/difference”, but hey, things do get a tad hectic during an election campaign.

But it’s fine with me.

Close to half of the buggers around here pay virtually no income tax at all (Source: The Economist Aug 20th 2009) and the top 10% of earners pay around 50% of all income tax (Source:me)

So it’ll be quite nice to have other folks sharing the load and being abused as parasites and locusts….

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