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Residents challenge proposed park

I’m sure I’ve done it myself. “Can we diarise that?” “Who authored this %#*& report?” “How can we leverage that?” But not very often. Even Will did it. (Which is reassuring) Richard II Henry IV: My gracious uncle! Edmund of … Continue reading

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>"Big ideas…

> are little ideas that no one killed too soon.” From Seth Godin‘s blog Essential reading

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>In the fine tradition….

> ….of the “skip every second line” in performance reviews (below), Arnold Schwarzenegger does it with style Bob Smith, my assistant programmer, can always be foundhard at work in his cubicle. Bob works independently, withoutwasting company time talking to colleagues. … Continue reading

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>The benefits of age

> Damian Christie over at Public Address laments about his never having walked the Auckland Harbour Bridge and is going the rather masochistic route of running a HALF MARATHON in order to fulfill his dream. Silly boy. I did it … Continue reading

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>Honesty in advertising #2


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>Honesty in advertising


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>And I thought….

> ..that Mrs jb’s shoes were expensive. Shame that yellow’s not my colour….

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>Cannot calculate circular reference

> That’s what Excel would say to this. Unless, of course, it’s a street sign in South Tyrol, where everything’s in German and Italian. That could be it…

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>Subway map for a 3 year old

> HT to

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>I ablute in the morning, actually…

> The routine 3’s appear to be practiced at a different time south of the Alps. Maybe they get up late. A touch of inadvertent grossness in Austria with the usual Denglish background

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