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>The night sky in 800 millions pixels

> Hat tip to Slashdot for this one A project carried out recently by Serge Brunier and Frédéric Tapissier. Brunier traveled to the top of a volcano in the Canary Islands and to the Chilean desert to capture 1,200 images … Continue reading

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>Le Pissoir Mirroir

> Seen in Weimar. On …er…..reflection, it could be Le Mirroir-Pissoir…

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>With friends like this…

> who needs enemies. NYT story on Qaddafi’s UN rambling diatribe address

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>How to lose an election. Reloaded.

> Given that I was (pretty much) spot-on 4 years ago, they should save their money, get rid of all those pollsters and listen to me. Angela Merkel’s at serious risk of buggering it up. Again. The elections on 27 … Continue reading

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>Leaf peeping

> Now all you need is a forecasting module to let the innkeepers optimise their pricing structure…

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>Not being nasty, or anything…

> …but I’ve been wondering all along whom Michael Hartmann, the SPD candidate for Mainz in next week’s general election reminds me of. (That’s him on the right, by the way. Or is it the left. Not sure. The one … Continue reading

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>Private Eye

> Who else..?

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>Headline: Jackson’s breast under review again

> Oh, HER. For a moment, I thought they were dig up poor old Michael. But it just goes to show what a puritanically voyeuristic society America is, with adverts for condoms banned, but constant gratuitous tit (oops..) illation in … Continue reading

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>"H" as in "Humbug"

> New Zealand is nothing if not politically correct. The New Zealand Geographic Board has recommended that the city of Wanganui be renamed to Whanganui. This is, of course, nonsense on stilts. Given that the Maori language had no written … Continue reading

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>Too good to miss – Pink Floyd on the accordion

> A new hit. A new hero. He knows Tulibu Dibu language and sing many rock hits using that well known language.  Pissed, I can imagine. Sober, I can’t Bulgaria. Need I say more? Reminiscent of “Radar Love” by Golden … Continue reading

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