Ivor Bolokov, the lopsided Russian

Mr Hafiz is the Telex Manager somewhere and has got his hands on almost a million quid that he wants to share with me.

This could be an interesting conversation. (He’s blue, I’m red)


I have an important issue to discuss with you.I am a british citizen and I want to bring to your notice regarding a return of  income tax worth of 970,000.00 British Pounds due to a high rate payer by Hm revenue & customs (hmrc) United kingdom to the Bank branch where I presently holding the position of telex manager.Note this is 4 years tax refund which was paid to the IRS because of wrong calculation.The tax payer paid more than he owed during the past years (2003 – 2007).

The refund was owned by Mr. Mikhail Bocharov an oil merchant from Russian Federation who reside here in United Kingdom before his death on 25th February 2008 due to cardiovascular disease.Death Certificate is available for your reference.As an insider I assured you this is 100% risk free.This refund was abandoned and remained unclaimed in his account since then that is why I deemed it necessary to contact you thus you will come in as the business associate to the late beneficiary since there is no heir mentioned and also provide an account where this fund will be transferred into for our benefit.All the proceeds will be shared equally b/w two of us.

All I asked is for your patience for us to understand each other very well which will help us work together towards actualizing this calculated project.I know you will feel Skeptical or nervous handling these but I assure you that I have done proper arrangement for smooth execution of this payment.As a security measure been the telex manager I will delete the account details used in receiving this fund once the amount is successfully credited.This is to avoid trace and to be on a safe side.

For us to get started I need you to indicate your availability and readiness in this subject matter then I can direct you with the next step and process.Thanks and hoping to receive your positive reply after you must have gone through my proposal carefully.

For more information,Write me through this email address (XXXXXX@gmail.com )

Yours truly,


Sorry, the only Russian millionaire I know is Ivor Bolokov. Could this perhaps be the same person? He walked with a limp and was slightly lopsided…

Dear ,

Thanks for your mail.Mr.Mikhail Bocharov and Ivor Bolokov are two different people.I want you to know that before releasing the fund the Bank will likely ask you some question regarding the deceased which I am going to assist you to answer.Honestly this transaction is not as difficult as you may think.

I know the first question that will come to your mind is how safe this transaction is but I stand to assure you that this is 100% risk free.As an insider I will protect your interest to achieve our maximum goal.

You will not have any problem as far as this transaction is concern because everything will be done with discretion and carefulness.Yes you are not related to the tax payer in question but that will not cause any problem because you are coming in as a partner.

With this position there will not be any suspicion from any corner.Note that if we fail to claim this fund the same will be confiscated and diverted by the board of directors as abandoned money.I hope you are clear with my explanations.

For us to get started I need you to fill up the attached letter and send the same back to me.We are going to pursue the release of the fund with the letter.Thanks and hoping to receive the claim letter today so that we proceed as planned.

I really appreciate the trust and faith you have bestowed on me.I am quit impressed and I promise not to disappoint you.All I need is your sincerity not to betray me when the fund is credited into your account.We are going to know more about each other as we progress.Trust me everything will go successfully.

Yours truly,


He’s now sent me a document which might or might not explode in my face when I open it. I’ll now wait until I get a DHL parcel scam mail and send him the attachment

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