Top of their game….

You might like the Eagles.

You might not.

I did for the longest time until they started taking 2 years to produce a record and DAYS to get a single drum pattern right.

(Read “Is it rolling, Bob?” to get an insight into how it used to be done. And listen to “Like a Rolling Stone” – done in a single take.

I saw the Eagles at Carlaw Park in Auckland in 1975 – just after Joe Walsh had joined the band – and listened to a pirated cassette of the 1980 release of “Eagles Live” and was stunned (“delighted”-stunned…) by the hard edge that Joe brought to the band.

These clips are a snapshot of a band at the top of its game.

But the stand-out has to be Randy Meisner’s “Take it to the limit”- the quiet Mid-Western kid, son of share-croppers, the walking definition of stage-fright hitting the falsetto notes with perfection

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1 Response to Top of their game….

  1. Thank you. These are more than fun to listen to. They are memories. And you’re right, with Hotel California they were at the top of their game. In these videos they’re so tight on the title song that it’s hard to believe it’s live. Their sound engineering was amazing. And how does one play the drums and sing at the same time? Great stuff.
    I agree with you about Meisner. Sweet.
    I was trying to think of what they were best at. Their vocals were always strong. Songwriting, too. And guitars. And…
    All of it. Love this album.

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