Stumbled over this couple in an article in (AFAIKR) the Frankfurter Allgemeine about young vintners sometime last year.

They have 3ha (which is bugger all) in Stutttgart, limit their yield to achieve better wines and brand them themselves “RUX” (from “Rucks”..)

Bought 12 bottles of their Trollinger (between €6 and €8 a bottle – not expensive, but really good) and went back to stock up last week.

It went like this:

Monday 12:27: Asked for a price list

Monday 12:33: pdf price list arrives

Monday 12:42: Order 12 bottles

Wednesday morning: 12 bottles arrive.

Along with a hand-written note, thanking us for our interest and order.

Talk about customer retention.

Just by being efficient and nice

And if you speak German, here they are


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