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Now that winter’s almost upon us….

..it’s time to hone those snow-clearing skills. A toe-loop with a double axel in this case, methinks. I normally slip in a Biellmann spin. Either that or a Salchow jump. Showoff that I am….

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Would YOU buy a used car from this guy?

Or: How I almost bought a Saab 9.5 station-wagon. You think that you’d be fairly safe buying from a chartered accountant and auditor who used to work for KPMG and lives in one of the better parts of Mainz. That’s … Continue reading

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Stumbled over this couple in an article in (AFAIKR) the Frankfurter Allgemeine about young vintners sometime last year. They have 3ha (which is bugger all) in Stutttgart, limit their yield to achieve better wines and brand them themselves “RUX” (from … Continue reading

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