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Landon Donovan, he got the purple mohawk…

  America, meet your truest soccer fans “What did you think when you saw Landon Donovan bite the other player” “We’ll, he’s hot, so I didn’t care”

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Bloody artists……

They drive you round the twist! I collect ceramics, do the marketing for a ceramics fair and design and manage websites for potters I like, a lot of it pro bono This is what you’re up against. Part One Offered … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays from the TSA…

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What on EARTH are they trying to tell me?

British Airways sent out this appalling piece of TL:DR gobbledegook to their customers. They get to the point of  the letter at about the halfway mark….. As part of British Airways continued investment in our Brand, Products and Services, during … Continue reading

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The waterproof Operating System….

Fake Apple ad making the rounds. People believed it

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Bastards I have met

This one takes a bit of beating. Germany’s a world-leader in renewable energy – more solar and wind farms than you can shake a stick at. Obviously doesn’t come cheap and producers are subsidised generously so someone has to pay … Continue reading

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Draw your own conclusions

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Art, economics and stupidity.

Marianne Heller runs the eponymous ceramics gallery in Heidelberg. Not exactly my tasse de thé (as one says), but she presents good artists and has played a major role in promoting serious ceramics in Germany over the past 35 years. … Continue reading

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Finally! The Truth!

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Ho Lee Fuk

Further proof that you don’t need a brain to be a newsreader in the States

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