Bet you wish you had a PM like ours….

Almost 5 days post hate crime massacre & NZ has: • hosted vigils across the country • raised around $9 million for victims families & the muslim community • civilians handing in own weapons to be destroyed • NZ banks pull advertising from social media sites• the 3 major NZ telco’s band together to write a letter to Facebook, Twitter & Google to ask for change • PM announces there WILL be gun reform • Little media reporting on perpetrator • PM announces she will never say his name• Hunting & Fishing announce they are against selling firearms online & pulls all semi-automatic weapons from their stores • TradeMe auction site halts all firearm auctions • Little sensationalist media surrounding the shooter• NZ parliament opens first day after shooting with an Islamic prayer with leaders from most religions represented • PM announces funeral & repatriation costs will be funded by the Government• A woman will be charged for inciting racial disharmony under Human Rights legislation for a hateful post on social media. • A man has been charged for sharing footage.• NZ Police now required to be armed due to the national High Security Risk level are putting flowers in their holsters to take the focus off the firearms.


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