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A day in…er… lunch at Pasta Davini

Simple concept at a restaurant run by 2 women who got bored when the kids left home and decided they wanted to create the sort of restaurant they’d like to eat at: 1 Special 5 standard sugos 5 standard pastas … Continue reading

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What goes around…..

…comes around. Some things just remain lodged in the cranium. Happens all the time. The camouflage patterns on German world war 1 aircraft reappear as a fashion item almost 100 years later.

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How excellent!

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A gaggle of geese, a nest of rabbits… #13

…..a shitload of postcards Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Andy Warhol 1982

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Occupational hazard

Angela Merkel arrives at passport control in Athens: “Nationality?” asks the immigration officer. “German” she replies. “Occupation?” “No, just here for a few days….” Image: As a right wing Greek redtop sees her…

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“I thought stuff like this only happened in New Zealand”

A few years back, we won the Motorway Lotto and our 8km bit of the A63 was widened from 4 to 6 lanes over the last year or so. “Excellent”, we all thought “Traffic joining the motorway doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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