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Couldn’t find any steps….

Sure I’m down by a couple of kg, what with all the gorse-slashing I’ve been doing…

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John Key’s in Davos. CNN picked up that euthanasia is a current topic of discussion and asked him for his position. “Akshully, at the end of the day, we should be looking out for kids in Nyazilnd first” Embarrassingly, they … Continue reading

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Now you see her…..

… you don’t. Was Angela Merkel photoshopped out because she’s German? Or is it because she’s a woman? Either way, the people the Israeli Haredi daily HaMevaser newspaper represents appear to be fucking idiots

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A little burst of All Right

The Eastern is my favourite band by a long way. They hail from Lyttelton, the port city serving Christchurch Christchurch was devastated by 2 major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 and there have been 13,457 – in words: thirteen thousand … Continue reading

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Didn’t know Cousin Ruth drives a Honda….

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