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Greek tragedy

This is how it works: find someone/s in a previous Greek government with a high degree of dodginess, bung them unmercifully to ramp up the purchase price (the more they spend, the more bung they get…) and all of a … Continue reading

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A couple of real bloody charmers….

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I might be a tad hard of hearing…

…but that’s certainly no reason to rub it in with sugar sachets from the local hearing aid shop. Saved the tip, that’s for sure…

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Here’s a little extra awesome….

We’ve noticed you haven’t been using your mobile for a while, so we’ve moved your Vodafone mobile xxx xxx xxxxx to a better value Prepay plan called FreebeeTalk. This plan now gives you cheaper calling rates and a massive free … Continue reading

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Bon appetit….

So if I’ve understood this correctly (or even been able to READ the small print),  outside the US,  you only get the ones without an asterisk – coffee, toast and fruit. Sticky-sweet cinnamon rolls get TWO asterisks so you ESPECIALLY … Continue reading

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This is a con……

If you want to fly Air New Zealand from San Francisco to Auckland in mid February i.e. after the school holidays have finished, you’ll find some great deals. They even say so themselves. Try and select a seat, though, and … Continue reading

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Surprises me not one bit….

He’s probably had his Opinel stolen from his CHECKED baggage twice in the last 8 months when departing from LAX. Complain to TSA and they demand that you prove negligence before they’ll investigate…….. Bastards.

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