The next installment

Rocked over to Fresh Choice in Richmond todayto buy some müsli.

Empty shelf where my favourite brand is.

Asked one of the nice ladies when they’d be getting some more.

“Well” she said “we’re expecting the next installment on Tuesday”

Installment” I said “Don’t you mean delivery?”

“No” she said ” “Installment. It’s a cereal….”

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Here comes the judge!

My young friend Lena from across the road is at long last entering the workforce.

As from 1 March, it is not advisable to commit offences within the jurisdiction of the District Court in Ludwigshafen.

At the advanced age of (just..) 29, she has been appointed as a judge at aforesaid court.

How this works, I have no idea.

I just know that I’m as proud as shit….


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Bloody hell…

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Think how dim….

…the average person is and then realise that 50% are even dimmer.

They’re people Pak’n’Save targets

Prepacked, imported,  $6.29 a pack. 

Or $12.58 per kg…..

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The nylon- haired tosser…..


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Parliamentary democracy 101

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Finest Kind


I raided my stock of American (New England, actually) IPAs the other day and shared them with friends Maria and Ute.

Who had never tasted anything like them, given that  German mainstream beers use EXACTLY the same ingredients and – logically – taste pretty much the same.

“You can taste the hops climbing out of the glass!” said Maria

This actually TASTES of something!” said Ute “Grapefruit? Could it REALLY taste of GRAPEFRUIT?”

It could.

It did.

That was fun….

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