London Underground Rent Map

1560005 The average monthly cost for a one-bedroom within a kilometer of each Tube station on the network

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Bloody hell……

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Glass half full


Lagavulin. 12 Year.

Soon to be empty….

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How Volkswagen Just Squandered 55 Years of Great Advertising

As recently as 2014, VW carried a goodwill valuation of $23 billion on its balance sheet. While goodwill is an intangible asset (it represents the difference between a company’s hard assets—cash, plants and equipment, and inventory—and its market value, which is typically assessed when a company is sold), it’s an important one, for it suggests the value of the brand: all the thoughts, beliefs and expectations that come to mind when someone sees the logo or hears the name. Put another way, it’s a measurement of trust.

If VW had no cars, no dealers, no factories, what would its name be worth? That’s goodwill.

From an excellent article by @edwardboches, Professor of advertising at Boston University

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If Smartphones Were Designed Like Power Tools


As I’ve said time and again, I hate that talented smartphone designers produce beautiful glass rectangles that we have to bury inside bulky protective cases, obscuring the design details they slaved over. I’d much rather the protection was built in from the start. I take no joy in “individualizing” my phone with a protective case; I just want the darn thing to work, and to not break whenever it flies out of my butterfingers.

From, one of my go-to sites.

Rest here

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Mug of the Month – Nanna Beyer


I do websites for ceramicists I like and whose company I enjoy.

One of these – new on board – is Armin Skirde in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

I was up there on Wednesday for a photo-shoot and do some last-minute work on his website – also for a chat with “The Girls”  ( to try and get them organised – and he served me tea in a mug that stunned.

It’s by Nanna Beyer, a Finnish artist currently living in Tasmania.

Porcelain, rolled and overlapped at the seam, glazed inside and  with a handle that takes a bit of getting used to.

I think the technique is nerikomi – I have a similar espresso cup by Karen Orsillo that I bought in Portland, Maine close to 20 years ago

He had 3, reckoned he only needed two and if he took them home they’d only get broken and insisted that I take this one.

I protested – just because I ADMIRE something doesn’t mean I WANT it – but to no avail.

These are people I like working with….

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“My name’s Jesse Horn and I make firewood

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