Now, here’s a language I can relate to….


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I do it differently…


I look at what I’d like to drink and then work back to what I should be doing.

Doesn’t work out with IPAs, though, so I just say “Fuck it” and drink one anyway…

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I’m in a concert….

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I don’t mind paying $6 a bottle…

IMG_7373 IMG_7374

..for stuff this good from people this nice

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Daesh…oh crap…I mean IS


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I might be a tad hard of hearing…


…but that’s certainly no reason to rub it in with sugar sachets from the local hearing aid shop.

Saved the tip, that’s for sure…

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Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 19.40.56

…Ms YMBFA hadn’t torn  ligaments and suffered a Weber A fracture of the ankle two weeks back, I would be at this concert.

I would have flown to Boston, today hired a car, driven up to Portsmouth, stayed at the Marriott, had a late lunch at the Black Birch in Kittery, driven up to Portland, had pre-concert oysters at Eventide, seen the concert, driven back to Portsmouth and finished off the evening at the Portsmouth Brewery.

Because of this

As it is, I’m stuck here, emptying bedpans.

Not that I mind, of course

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