Couldn’t find any steps….


Sure I’m down by a couple of kg, what with all the gorse-slashing I’ve been doing…

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John Key’s in Davos.
CNN picked up that euthanasia is a current topic of discussion and asked him for his position.
“Akshully, at the end of the day, we should be looking out for kids in Nyazilnd first”
Embarrassingly, they subtitled him….

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Now you see her…..



… you don’t.

Was Angela Merkel photoshopped out because she’s German?

Or is it because she’s a woman?

Either way, the people the Israeli Haredi daily HaMevaser newspaper represents appear to be fucking idiots

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A little burst of All Right

The Eastern is my favourite band by a long way.

They hail from Lyttelton, the port city serving Christchurch

Christchurch was devastated by 2 major earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 and there have been 13,457 – in words: thirteen thousand four hundred and fiftyseven – more since then and 25 since the beginning of the year.

The most recent was a 2.6 two hours ago.

There’s a project called All Right to help Cantabrians get through it all.

This is what they write

Our lives have changed and many of us are having a tough time. It’s all right to ask for help. You are not alone. 

If you are finding it hard to cope and need support you can ring the Canterbury Support Line on 0800 777 846.

When you call this helpline, someone will talk with you and help work out what kind of support you may need.

And this is what The Eastern does – performing singing telegrams for ordinary people who have been making other people feel All Right.

Cool idea, cool people

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Didn’t know Cousin Ruth drives a Honda….

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“Sun came up….


…looking like the eye of god”

(With apologies to Bruce Cockburn)

Happy New Year

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….a seeming recent malfunction in the DNA of the human race

joe-cocker_3149128b“When I look at footage of Joe Cocker and other rock stars – and indeed almost everyone else of the time – I am struck by a seeming recent malfunction in the DNA of the human race. Whereas Mr Cocker and his like look mature males with character, today’s specimens resemble schoolboys or, in the case of boy bands, worse still, rent boys. Is it something secretly added to the water to bring about this infantilisation, both physically and mentally, in recently spawned members of the male population?”

Comment in the Daily Telegraph

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