My first biathlon


I appear to have woken at a depth of 35m, shot up to sea level like a cork, swum frantically to shore at great speed and then made good pace around Sam’s track.
When my bike finally arrives, I’ll go for a triathlon..

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Must be the maid….

True story.
Friend was staying at a hotel with his wife and found a charge for a 3rd person on his bill.
“Must have been the maid” he surmised “Wife’s way past childbearing age and anyway, can’t see the Hilton charging for embryos….”

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ObamaCare – Evil socialist stuff


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Thank goodness for the BBC

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Here we go

Mainz05:Werder Bremen
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Perfect match for an IPA

Both being hoppy…

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“Solid gold shit, my son”

Bill Nighy from “Love Actually”

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