>It’s all in the pronunciation…


That’s the problem with being multilingual.

You’ll see or hear something quite innocuous in one language that cracks you up in another.

Frühlingshit“, for example.

Springtime Special Offer.

Or even Spring Hit, if you’re talking about music hit.

Then, of course, there’s Mikheil Saakashvili.

Pronounced “Sack Arsch Willie”

Getting quite a bit of press these days which you tend to do when you seriously piss off your neighbour and your neighbour happens to be Russia.

I ventured that it sounded pretty much like the full complement of yer actual Y-front contents, which got me my share of bad press around the house for being my usual grossly disgusting self.

I thought it was quite subtle, to be honest.

Not like “Scrotum Bum Schwanz”, which of course really would be grossly disgusting

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