>People just don’t think…#3


….as John Whatley would say.

There’s all this hooha in Mainz about where you can ride a bike and where you can’t.

They first proposed that you couldn’t ride anywhere in the pedestrian precincts, but the place has been so pedestrian-precinctised that it’s almost impossible to get from A to B without traversing one.


OK, you can ride, but only at walking pace..

That would be 15km/h if you were  Valeriy Borchin in the 20km competition in Beijing last week.

No, probably not..


So they put up signs all over the place, stating that on days when there’s no market or similar event, you can ride across the cathedral square at walking pace.

Logic determines that at other times – on market days and similar – you can thus ride across the square at full whack……


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