>Don’t ask me…(about arty-farty)


Kate from Visual St Paul featured this painting by Ernesto Ybarra, a St Paul artist of Mexican heritage, the other day

I ventured that I’d hate to say what I thought it reminded me of. (Of what it reminded me)

When pressed, I said that the title should perhaps be ¿Quiénes dejaron un rasgón?*…

Turns out that the red kerchiefs are associated with the Zatapista movement in some way.

Just shows what I know.

Bugger all, as usual…

*“Who let one rip?” That’s what the online dictionaries reckon, anyway…

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2 Responses to >Don’t ask me…(about arty-farty)

  1. Kate says:

    >JB, You always manage to amuse me, and this one really did! A good pick-me-up for this early morning! Have a good day and a great week. I’m looking forward to your other posts. Kate

  2. >This is a demonstration of the correct usage of "arty farty."

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