We’ll write


My young friend Lena from across the way is studying law in Konstanz, one of Germany’s elite universities.


She’s currently doing a couple of semesters in Istanbul, which sounds a bit unusual to me, giving that Turkish isn’t a language that she appears to master to any significant degree.

But then again – what do I know?

Having explored Bulgaria – of all places – for a weekend (and written about it in great – bordering on the lurid – detail, almost giving her aging grey-haired mother a heart attack in the process), she’s popped over to Teheran for a week or so.

In other news today……

The Wall Street Journal reports on a crackdown in Iran on “fashionable head attire” and hair salons “giving decadent Western-style haircuts”.

Draconian sentences have been handed down.

Mrs jb asked how long Lena’s going to be in Iran.

“About 30 years, by the look of it” I said.

We’ll write, though….

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3 Responses to We’ll write

  1. Virginia says:

    >Well I wish your Lena the very best but now thanks to you JB, I can now worry about her safety as well!! What a lovely photograph of her. I’m sure you are very proud of her.V

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