>Not that I understand it…



1 Legendre’s constant
2 “An infinite number of mathematicians…
3 A Unicode character as a HTML entity
4 Modular arithmetic
5 The Golden Mean reworked a little
6 Three Factorial (3*2*1)
7 6.99999.. Though a different number than 7, still equals 7
8 Graphical representation of Binary code
9 An example of a base-4 number
10 A Binomial Coefficient
11 An example of Hexadecimal encoding
12 The cube root is the inverse of 12^3

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1 Response to >Not that I understand it…

  1. Nathalie says:

    >Thanks for the explanations, I was at loss – still am anyway. I don’t think I’d buy such a clock, it would remind me every minute of my life how under-educated I am.There’s no fuckin’ broccoli? I laughed at that one. It must be closer to what my IQ can cope with LOL

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