>As easy as falling off a Logue


I’ll admit to being a bit of a fan of Popdose.

Actually, I’ve liked Jeff Giles’ writing and musical taste since his classic Jefitoblog and his Editor-in-Chief-ship at Popdose seems to keep the troops in line.

Except for this bird.

Ann C. Logue.

In real life, she teaches finance at the University of Illinois and writes for Business Week, Barron’s and the Chicago Tribune.

At Popdose, she does “Numberscruncher“.

She writes stuff like this.

Europe is in a state of uncertainty right now, so Poland’s sorrow adds to the stresses on the continent. A unified currency is a new experiment in the world, and we don’t know how it will work out. The Euro zone, which is those nations that use the euro, agreed to a €30 billion bailout of Greece last week. Poland is not on the euro yet, so it is not participating in the bailout. The plane crash and the Greek crash may delay Poland’s currency conversion, but if the euro is still around in a few years, then Poland will be on it.
I have absolutely NO idea which target audience she’s aiming at.
I also have NO idea what she’s trying to say. 

I’ll tell you what, though – I’ll definitely have some of whatever it is she’s smoking…..
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