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>That’s a trio, then…

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>Politicians get younger by the day…

> Nelson Mail 30.8.2010

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>Standing room only……..

> “Even after adjusting for body mass index (BMI) and smoking, the researchers found that women who sit more than 6 hours a day were 37 percent more likely to die than those who sit less than 3 hours; for … Continue reading

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>Too right


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>The way things work

> Sewing machineToo choice for words HT http://kottke.orgSource:

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>And I need a Ph.D to work that out..?


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>And people still wonder…

> ..why churchgoing’s on the decline?

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>Letter to the editor

> “And let’s face it, do we really need more ‘thought provoking art’ about violence, war, and murder? It’s not like we are all ignorant of what’s going on in the world….maybe a nice cheerful picture of a sailboat and … Continue reading

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>The search for the Holy Grail

>Aka Sauvignon Blanc. Now that Jürgen Hofmann has run out of the 2009 and Pfannebecker in Worms told us that “but we’ll be harvesting the 2010 soon”, we’ve been forced to enter uncharted territory. Viz: “Margaretenhof” in Schwabenheim. “Looks like … Continue reading

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