>RunKeeper gets it wrong


RunKeeper is a nifty little App for the iPhone that lets you keep track of your fitness activities.

Ideally suited for the 100 meters, marginal for the 400 meters and useless for anything over 3 hours.

Which is how long it takes to run down the battery, shortly before which it COMPLETELY screws up everything and tells you that your average speed was close to 400km/hour…..

Today’s effort was more like it – 60km cycling, a quick swim ferry trip across the Rhine and a double espresso at Moguntia on the market.

AND I’ve worked off enough calories for almost 9 beers tonight….

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1 Response to >RunKeeper gets it wrong

  1. Genie says:

    >Yes, JB, I would say that you deserve "a beer" but not sure about 9 of them!

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