>Whatever happened to MTV?


MTV Europe kicked off in 1987 with Dire Straits’s “Money for nothing”.

It was quite phenomenal.

It had smart and witty VJs from all over Europe, live acts in the studio and a sense of humour.

And it had Ray Cokes who was the worthy successor to the BBC’s manic and uniquely talented Kenny Everett.

Now all you get is recycled dubbed Reality TV crap from the USA.

I know that I’ve marginally slipped outside their core target group, but does it have to be so bloody INANE.

Fortunately, it’s only available on PayTV these days. Thank God for small mercies…..

Here’s some more Ray Cokes and if you don’t laugh at it, sod off to somewhere even more boring

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  1. >Sting? Are you buzzed? Try Dire Straits…do I have to come over there and kick your ass?

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