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Strolling over the market in Mainz yesterday when a camera crew from one of the national channels pounced and demanded “How do you find Mainz” “Mostly by following the signs on the motorway” I said ” Either that or the … Continue reading

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At least they didn’t write “comprised”…

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The Death of Disintermediation

André Rieu is big with folks in my demographic. Either him or these hokey Gospel shows that pop up with frightening frequency. When I say that I’ve been to see Daniel Lanois or Willy Deville, I get blank looks. So … Continue reading

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If it’s all reet…..

…with Magritte. (Nicked that from the liner notes on Jackson Browne’s exquisite (in bits) “Late for the sky” HT BoingBoing

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“No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder”

So Bill O’Reilly of Fox News [sic], discounting Anders Behring-Breivik’s self-declared belief in Christianity. Er…The Crusades? No? Not even one of the nine? The Balkans? Srebrenica? Over 8000 civilians killed by Serbs? Serbia: 84% Orthodox Christianity Ratko Mladic is on … Continue reading

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Tunes for a Tuesday – 26 July 2011

Claire Waldoff – Als Der Kremser Noch Fuhr Ins Grüne Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Fire Daniel Lanois – Sillium’s Hill Desert Rose Band with Emmylou Harris – If I Could Only Win Your Love Gipsy Kings – Escucha … Continue reading

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Intelligent design

Wildlife documentary maker and general good egg David Attenborough has admitted he receives hate mail from Christians for not giving due credit to God in his programmes. “They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that … Continue reading

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This is the BBC in London….

Live commentary of the 1st Test England vs India 1617 India 224-5 (40 overs remaining)   Now then, here’s a turn-up, a Mexican wave at Lord’s … and not surprisingly it peters out as it reaches the pavilion, the disapproving … Continue reading

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Welcome to LA

The LA Times blog has a category cloud. You know how they work – the size of the category text indicates the relative access frequency. This frightens me – Crime & Courts, Sheriff’s Dept, Homicide. Anything else is an also-ran…

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Domain experts

Domain experts tend to make the best consultants. They know what you’re talking about. You know what they’re talking about. You can usually trust their recommendations. Andy and Ness are prime examples. They reckoned that I HAD to try Emerson’s … Continue reading

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