The modem story

Digital natives won’t know what this is about.

Back in the early/mid 1990s, a modem board for your PC would cost around $200.

You connected it to your phone line and dialed up your ISP,  listening all the time to terrifying drones and robotic wails, punctuated by tsunamis of static  as the modem and the ISP made the connection.

Then you’d wait almost 30 minutes for a file the size of a single mp3 track to download.

Except you couldn’t download an mp3 track in those days, because the mp3 standard had yet to be invented.

All of a sudden, I feel very old…..

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1 Response to The modem story

  1. Rute says:


    But don´t feel too old, I had my first computer with internet in 97/98 and (specially in Portugal) we had the dial-up connection. I remember the “Napster” times, where it would take me almost a month to have a whole album downloaded (ok, there we had already mp3).

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