It’s like watching heaven with your ears……

Daniel Lanois discovered Chris Whitley in 1988, helped him get a record deal and produced his first album.

Chris Whitley (and his Belgian wife) produced a daughter in 1988.

Her name is Trixie Whitley, she grew up in Belgium and – after her father’s death in 2005 – met Daniel Lanois backstage at a concert in Ghent, their first encounter in almost 2 decades.

He listened to the EP that she’d given him, called her and formed Black Dub around her.

Saw them last night at the Centralstation in Darmstadt.

Magical stuff.

More treats: interview


I’d rather go blind

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1 Response to It’s like watching heaven with your ears……

  1. Alan says:

    Jesus – how did I miss her? thanks for that JB

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