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A quiet day in Christchurch

Seismologically speaking.

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I beg your pardon…..

Not to be confused with “Bobby Brown” [Listen] by Frank Zappa, of course. Or this. Historical footnote: A (German) company I once worked for did a major rebranding with a slogan “Thinking in new directions”, predictably pronounced  “Sinking in new … Continue reading

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Tunes for a Tuesday – 27 December 2011

Aero Tinku – Mati Zundel – Cuando Yo Bailo, Tiembla La Tierra [Listen] Fossil Record – Flourishing – The Sum of All Fossils [Listen] Gold – Delay Trees – Delay Trees [Listen] H.U.Gs (Historically Underrepresented Groups) – Fabian Almazan – … Continue reading

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The official explanation….

  … that it was Stage 3 of a Soyuz rocket burning up on re-entry. We saw it and we know different, because 3 guys wearing golden crowns in the car next to us at the traffic lights told us … Continue reading

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I know about hair nets….

… my mother-in-law wears one. Bit hair INTERnets?

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North Koreans find out there’s no Easter Bunny after all…

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Rick Perry isn’t alone

When he was running for President, George W. Bush mistook the third syllable of the late Kim’s name for a roman numeral and called him Kim Jong Two. Read more

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Christmas Story 1.0


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I told you I was il

With apologies to Spike Milligan

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Happy Hannukah. Or Kwanzaa. Or whatever

President Obama celebrated Hanukkah at the White House last night. He lit the menorah, and then Vice President Joe Biden came in, sang “Happy birthday”, and blew out all of the candles. HT Jay Leno

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