Quote of the day

“I was astonished to discover recently,” says Andy Lloyd, with the air of a man who has just had to put down his toast and marmalade to express his horror at what he has just discovered. “In an allegedly “young-man’s” clothes shop – that you can now buy jackets with leather elbow patches already fitted! This is obviously from the same style (?) school as buying jeans that are already worn out – where will it all end… expensive new shoes that come replete with flapping sole, worn down heels, and pre-fitted with hardened bit of chewing gum?”

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1 Response to Quote of the day

  1. nathalie says:

    Has this guy never heard of fashion before? That’s the kind of thing that fashion does. Don’t try to see the logic in it, the only idea is it must be different from last year and the year before.

    Being the same as 30 years ago is OK. We all had elbow patches on our jumpers in those days. Or at least I did. True, we sewed the patches on only when they became needed. But who can sew today and who can wait till a jumper is worn out???

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