Well, actually…..no.

Given that over 60% of New Zealanders are either obese or overweight, it’s probably a good thing to nudge people towards healthier food.
The Department of Healthy Eating or whatever it’s called last week listed foods that are significantly more calorific than good.
Honey for example.
If you put honey in your tea instead of sugar and think that it’s a low calory option, then you’re wrong.
Orange juice is chock full of fructose which is a flash word for sugar.
It doesn’t make them UNHEALTHY, of course, although that’s what Fairfax Media would have you believe in this poll.

Stupid buggers.


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1 Response to Well, actually…..no.

  1. nathalie says:

    Bloody stupid. I guess the same corporation-funded polls will tell you that diet coke is good for you?

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