A friend of mine used to say….

….”There are about 100,000 really smart people in America and they run the place”

Which explains this little gem.
In the mornings store staffers at the Apple Store use an iPhone leveling app called “Simply Angle” to precisely set each laptop’s screen at 70°—purposely an “off” angle that is not ideal for viewing, so that a customer will touch the screen to adjust it.

That simple act—reaching out to touch, and manipulate, the object with one’s own hands—is meant to kick off a relationship with the object. You touch it. You physically come into contact with it. And eventually, the thinking goes, when you see how easy and pleasant it is to use, you will want to own it.

Some of the other 311,491,917 (Census 2011, less the 100,000 really smart ones) come up with stuff like this:

One customer, a 19-year-old college student and U.S. citizen, says she went with her uncle to the Apple store to buy an iPad, where a store employee overheard them speaking a non-English language and asked them about it.

“When we said ‘Farsi, I’m from Iran,’ he said, ‘I just can’t sell this to you. Our countries have bad relations,'”

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1 Response to A friend of mine used to say….

  1. Kate says:

    If I spoke Spanish would Apple allow me to buy one of their products? I might bring it to Cuba…horrors!

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