Oh, ye Sinners, repent…

Comment on an LA Times story, reporting the Colorado wildfires

People, around our Great Nation who have suffered through these terrible disasters, I am sorry for your loss and pain. I feel that it would not be right if I did not convey to you what GOD have put on my heart to express to you, this nation and world. Recently over the past few weeks, there are some who have been celebrating sinful activities, such as gay pride parades around our great nation, and around the world. The Pentagon when [sic] as far as to have a gay pride ceremony, along with the White House. (Don’t ask, Don’t tell repeal). GOD hate sin, and being gay or an lesbian, or transgender like it or not, is a sin. We all are sinners, but GOD don’t want us to celebrate it, nor glorify it, nor Do It. It is a slap in His Face, and He gets upset about it. So He took action. He used the Destructive Colorado fires to destroy part of the Air Force Academy grounds. (a Pentagon Property). He also struck the Washington D.C. and surrounding areas with a Horrific and Sudden Thunderstorm just to show us of His disapproval of our sinful lifestyle and disobedient. He also have Hit this nation, with the worse Heat wave in recent memory, covering almost the entire nation, let along with all the other historic wildfires in the western United States, and thunderstorms in the southern and eastern states. These are the consequences of our sinful lifestyle!!! We need to change our ways back to GOD..

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2 Responses to Oh, ye Sinners, repent…

  1. Petrea says:

    That explains why we’re having perfect weather in Los Angeles.

  2. jb says:

    HE hasn’t got around to you yet….

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