A load of bull

Sideswipe” is a daily column in the New Zealand Herald, edited by Ana Samways and featuring the obscure and interesting, interspersed with geriatric and self-righteous ranting.

Very much like YMBFA, come to think of it..

This ad was featured during the week and I commented, saying that beast photography is serious stuff and relating my experience of being appointed Chief Photographer to my father-in-law’s herd of Charolais cattle.
(Back in those days – 1978 – having a Nikon F2AS magically opened the door to those distant family’s festivities that you didn’t really want to go to, but when the invitation was suffixed with “..and could you perhaps bring your camera and take some photographs?”, there was no way out.)

Sod’s Law being what it is, Ana duly published my response, garnering me my 15 minutes of fame for the week.

And to prove to the masses who doubted my qualifications:

Top picture: WRONG

Bottom picture: OK, but a bit arty-farty with too much perspective, said father-inlaw

Legs are in the right positions, though…



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