Auckland Council’s “24 transformation opportunities.”

Now, if this is isn’t enough to win the World Bullshit Bingo championships, I don’t know what is…

Embed customer-centric design into our services & processes

Increase the level of self service for our customers

React with more agility to the needs of the customer

Establish differentiated offerings to customer segments

Optimise the use of contact centre resources

Optimise the distribution of face-to-face service points

Deliver effective, consistent, streamlined services and achieve scale efficiencies through the implementation of process centres

Optimise outcomes from commercial activities

Redesign activities to better account for variable work volumes

Review the delivery model for non-core services

Adopt a ‘place-making’ mind-set and practices

Improve our capability to deliver advice and support to Elected Representatives

Implement operating model principles

Improve the effectiveness of resource and capital deployment

Improve the quality of management information and insight

Rationalise and consolidate the vast range of IT services and applications

Improve the IS capability to deliver a world-class IS function

Open appropriate data to drive open innovation

Establish high performance foundations

Embed high performance practices throughout the organisation

Sustain high performance through talent and succession management

Extend performance through innovative programmes

Attract the best talent to build a high performing organisation

Streamline bureaucracy within the organisation

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1 Response to Auckland Council’s “24 transformation opportunities.”

  1. Kate says:

    Amusing; I think it can safely be classified as gobbledygook.

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