Incompentence? Manchester Airport!

Manchester Airport is taking ineptitude and incompetence to almost professional levels.
True story.
They shunted the car rental outfits off-airport last week to their sparkling new Car Rental Village.
“Good” I thought. “It’s always been a hassle trying to inspect your car in the pouring rain and the dark on the roof of the car park for the minutest scratch that Avis will claim you caused and charge you £200. Must be better over there”

This is how it works.
Car rental company (Avis) doesn’t bother telling you that they’ve moved.
Manchester Airport doesn’t think of putting up signage in Arrivals.
You find out that they’ve moved when you get to the lifts after having walked through the terminal.
Walk back all the way to the exit and THEN walk another 100 metres (uncovered) to Bus Stop D with a shelter for perhaps 10 people. But not their luggage.
Wait 10 minutes for the shuttle bus.
Which is a normal bus with luggage racks screwed in. Luggage racks that obviously fill up from the bottom (after 10 passengers…) and whose top racks are almost too high even for me (6’4″, fairly strong) to stow a normal 20-ish kilo suitcase on.
Full bus. 50 people, most of whom had their luggage in the aisle.
First stop – hotel.
For passengers who got on at the Rental Village, who are at the back of the bus and whose luggage is at the bottom of the luggage stacked in the racks.
Off to the Rental Village.
Another full busload waiting at the bus stop.
The bus stop is 2 metres wide, full of people and luggage and we (with our luggage) are meant to get through THEM and their LUGGAGE to the rental desk exactly how?
Pushing and casting off all pretenses of a veneer of civilization works quite well.

Days later.
Return the car.
It’s raining.
Covered walkways to the Rental Village Reception? Not a chance.
Ask the Avis guy where I can get a trolley.
“Manchester Airport haven’t given us any”

Rental Village Reception.
A Bauhaus chunk of a container building with no overhang. As in “weather protection overhang”.
You either clutter up the rental desks with you and your luggage or you get wet.
You CERTAINLY get wet waiting for the folk getting OFF the bus to push their way past/through/over you. (See above…)
Get to Terminal 2.
Another full bus load of embarking passenger to fight your way through.
Trolleys? You can get those at Level 5 Departures. Not at the shuttle bus stop.

You really couldn’t make this up…..

“People just don’t think”, John Whatley would say

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  1. Kate says:

    The joys of travel.

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