Just don’t read it…..

Ms jb’s come down with the dreaded Lurgi that’s been going around. (Infected me, but that’s not important..)

Stayed at home for 2 whole days and then dragged herself down to Ms Quack who quarantined her for another 2 days and prescribed Ibosomething pills.

The side effects are quite stunning.

Up to 10% risk of intestinal perforation with fatal results for “older patients”.

Ms jb, well on the wrong side of mumble mumble, calls up the pharmacist (about the same age) and asks her “Are we old?”.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been reading that A3 blurb with the side effects” she says ” Just take 3 a day and if you start bleeding from all orifices feeling unwell, THAT’S the time to read it. Otherwise you’ll never take anything”


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