You would be joking….

If Nate Silver at the New York Times FiveThirtyEight (the number of electoral college votes) blog is accurate, I won’t be unhappy.

What concerns me more is the effect that the first presidential debate had on voters – Obama drop from an 97% chance of winning to 60% after something that’s more like “America’s Superstar” than a serious political debate.

I watched the second debate from New Hampshire and was during my entire 8 day stay in the States bombarded day in, day out with political advertising that ranged from “economical with the truth” to downright lying.

And the press doesn’t rip them to bits?

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  1. ohiasia says:

    As a counterpoint to Nate Silver, Dick Morris (“Here comes the landslide”) predicts that Romney will win 325 electoral votes to Obama’s 213. Those two appear to be occupying the extremes. Everyone else is somewhere between ’em.

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